Website Administration Training

Saturday, 9/17/2011 we had a great meeting at the Coffee Bean in Megamall.  In addition to Mr. Marc Womack, members of the faculty and the PTA have been tasked with helping to maintain the school’s website and this meeting was arranged to train everyone on how to use the website.  In attendance were Mr. Womack, Rudy Carmel, Rose Lynn Zara-Coloma, and Administrator Angeloe Macalalad.  The session lasted a little over two hours and covered everything from logging into the backend of the site, to updating the content of the pages, to making new posts on the blog , and finally how to update the Facebook Page for the school.

Also discussed in the meeting were plans to transfer ownership of the domain name for the site into the schools name, addition of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages for the site, a circular to be sent out to parents to update their contact information with the school (including email addresses and mobile numbers), and development of a banner to be used at school functions letting parents know images captured at the event may be posted to the website and Facebook page but that they can easily request no pictures of themselves or their children be posted.

Finally, it was decided that we will setup email addresses for all the faculty of the staff and make these addresses available to parents via a Faculty Page on the website.  Teachers will be tasked with checking these emails daily once a full-time internet access solution has been established for the school.


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